Utilising Angus Genetics to Bend the Curve

The term “curve bender” has been loosely used in the industry for some time to explain the effect of selecting for increased growth while maintaining birth weight in breeding decisions.  The term refers to bucking the trend or the expected result when selecting just on growth, which given the correlation between growth traits would simply lead to heavier cattle from birth through to maturity.

AngusPRO Magazine

The magazine is bursting at the spine with on farm profiles, viewpoints, educational and scientific information for both stud breeders and commercial farmers. It has been curated by Editor Sarah Horrocks and even if you have just the slightest whisker of curiosity about how to improve profitability within your farming system, it’s worth the read.

Genetics & Cream Eggs – Happy Easter

Two year old bull sales are only mere weeks away now and the catalogues are being finalised and printed.  The next generation of genetics are there for the taking so now is the time to register your interest with any stud breeders who don’t usually post you a catalogue.  Why not step out of your comfort zone, make change and speak to one of our AngusPRO members about building more profitability into your farming system.