Utilising Angus Genetics to Bend the Curve

The term “curve bender” has been loosely used in the industry for some time to explain the effect of selecting for increased growth while maintaining birth weight in breeding decisions.  The term refers to bucking the trend or the expected result when selecting just on growth, which given the correlation between growth traits would simply lead to heavier cattle from birth through to maturity.

Genetics reap the Rewards

In recent years, Ohana Farms has gone from strength to strength, and manager Rob Craw says it’s all down to their genetics.
Situated on the rugged Coromandel coast, Ohana Farms is a sheep and beef breeding operation complemented by a breeding and finishing block in the King Country.

The Meat-Quality Matrix

The most important part of this matrix by far is marbling or intramuscular fat (IMF), which gives the meat its tenderness, juiciness, flavour and texture, and if the animal does not havethe genetic propensity to marble, then no amount of feeding or management will make it magically appear.


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Angus Education Centre

The Angus Education Centre is an initiative by Angus Australia to give their members access to information about strategies and tools that will help them explore world leading genetic evaluation technologies to enhance the value and profitability of their cattle throughout the beef supply chain.