Providing ‘Balanced’ Selection Decisions

The selection indexes assist in making “balanced” selection decisions, taking into account the relevant growth, carcase & fertility attributes of each animal to identify animals that are most suitable for use within a particular commercial enterprise.

What is a Selection Index?

Selection indexes aid in the selection of animals for use within a breeding program where there are several traits of economic or functional importance by providing an overall “score” of an animal’s genetic value.

How much milk is enough in a beef herd?

Producers often place emphasis on milk as a BREEDPLAN trait when considering a new beef sire. The ability to provide sufficient milk to support calf growth should be part of a producer’s check list.

However, while milk is important, it probably needs to be placed in context to other traits. In particular it is important to consider the impact milk and calf growth has on overall enterprise profitability.


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Angus Education Centre

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