WATCH: Angus CONNECT – Autumn 2022

Angus breeders are invited to watch Angus CONNECT – Autumn 2022, exploring the ever-evolving space of genomic solutions for commercial production.   The online event was hosted on the Angus Australia YouTube channel and showcases the launch of the second generation of Angus HeiferSELECT.  

The event was host to presentations by Angus Australia staff, scientists from Australia’s national science agency, CSIRO and other guests who gave comprehensive information on the latest Angus HeiferSELECT product. 

Topics Include:  

  • Official Launch of Angus HeiferSELECT Generation II  
  • The Science Behind Select  
  • Case Study – Producers using Angus HeiferSELECT  
  • Validation – the proof in the pudding  
  • New Developments in the Commercial Genomics Space