AngusPRO data now live…

AngusPRO are excited to announce that the performance data and pedigree of our registered animals has been transferred, and is now live on! includes a range of software tools and technologies that have been developed by Angus Australia for the utilisation of Angus Australia members (AngusPRO) and their clients.

It’s important to note that when using, NZE needs to be added to the beginning of the animal’s breed society identification number when searching.  Alternatively you can search for an animal by name, e.g Storth Oaks Q9.

To access the full benefits of, users are encouraged to sign in as a registered user. We can’t underestimate the benefits in searching especially, when you become a registered user so please ensure you do this – it’s very easy and takes half a minute.  To become a registered user simply CLICK HERE

For a full rundown on the various software tools available, you can enter via THIS LINK

To dive straight into the Animal Search area CLICK HERE

Using the Angus Database Search

The Angus Database Search enables Angus breeders to search Angus Australia’s comprehensive animal database.Using the Angus Database Search facility, Angus breeders can access information for any individual animal recorded with Angus Australia, or once signed in as a registered user, can search and sort the Angus Australia database for animals that meet selection criteria of interest. This module will be looking in depth at some of the things that you need to consider when using the Angus Database Search facility. These topics include:

• Signing on
• Searching for an animal by Name or ID
• Saving and Sorting searches
• Understanding your search results
• Customising your display
• Printing search results