Differences in Percentile Graphs

We are going to do an exercise to highlight something many of you are questioning when looking up animals online and using the percentile graphs as your bull buying reference…

We have grabbed a random Angus bull (Bull A) that’s registered in both the NZ and Australian systems. The EBV Figures are identical across both the Angus NZ and Angus Australia systems – they’re calculated with the same software.

What we’d like to highlight is how the same information appears in the two different database’s percentile graphs. The reason for this is simply because the EBV averages set by the two separate databases are different. Angus New Zealand’s average comes from a database of 15,000 animals, and Angus Australia’s comes from a database of over 80,000.

Also worth noting are the index scores: Bull A scores $196 on the AngusPure Index (API) and $180 on the AngusPRO Index ($PRO). Again — 2 different databases, 2 different index scores.

While great for ranking within a catalogue, when comparing bulls from two different catalogues, make sure you compare the actual EBVs, not the graphs and indexes.